Alexandra Vrabec has been a community organizer and business woman in Southeast Alaska for many years. Raised in Juneau, she currently lives in Ketchikan.  After graduating from the University of Alaska Southeast, where she acted as Senior Editor for the regional literary journal, Tidal Echoes, she went on to become the Marketing Manager for Alaskan Dames. During that time, Alex volunteered countless hours towards projects such as The Rachel Mcloud Christmas Box Project, Capital Brewfest, Wearable Arts, and various fashion shows.

In 2017 she moved to Ketchikan, Alaska to work for the City of Ketchikan as the Video Production, Social Media, and Public Relations Manager. Within her first year she directed two full length Documentaries and produced countless weekly shows, live broadcasts, government meetings, sporting, and community events for eight local channels on KPUtv.  After many courses, seminars, and training sessions on digital and social media marketing, Alex has become fluent in communicating viral messages on every platform. Alex was raised in a businesfamily and has been learning the ins and outs of running an Alaskan company since childhood. With that knowledge, not only has she become an advocate for non-profit organizations, but is well versed in issues that affect small and large businesses alike. Through her volunteer experience Alex has made lasting relationships with a number of brewers, as well as distributors, and other industry professionals. 

Contract Director: Alexandra Vrabec