Double Shovel Cider Company

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  • 502 W 58th Ave, C
  • Anchorage, AK 99518
  • beer-directory (907) 227-9849
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  • Associate Member

Double Shovel Cider Company: the first micro-cidery in Alaska.

Our mission is to join the battle for the rejuvenation of American hard cider by hand-crafting superior cider for the superior person using ingredients emblematic of Alaska.

We specialize in crafting delicious, naturally gluten-free hard ciders right here in Anchorage by combining hand-picked Alaska apples, berries, and syrups with Washington apples. Our ciders are on tap at over 50 Alaska locations, including between Homer and Fairbanks.

At Double Shovel Cider Co., we love cider…and we want YOU to love cider too.

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