Micro Matic

Brewery Info
  • 4784 N. Lombard St, Unit B, #20
  • Portland, OR 97203
  • beer-directory (817) 403-1502
  • E: jbg@micro-matic.com
  • w: www.micromatic.com

Micro Matic is the Trusted Leader in Keg Spear Technology. Micro Matic Next Generation D System Keg Valves are available for your new kegs by request from all keg manufacturers.


  • Proactive keg maintenance – Color-coded CO2 valves to facilitate keg repair cycle, 10 years/10 colors
  • Safety – controlled release of over-pressurization through the valve
  • Cleaning – improved design of valve parts integration

For more detailed information including:

  • Micro Matic Packaging Division Catalog – for new, replacement keg spears, tools and parts
  • Personalized technical support for the safe inspection and maintenance of your keg valves
  • Individual or group training workshops for safe keg valve removal/inspection/repair/replacement

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