Odd Man Rush Brewing

Brewery Info
  • 10930 Mausel St
  • Eagle River, AK 99577
  • beer-directory (907) 696-2337
  • E: oddmanrushbrewing@gmail.com
  • w: www.oddmanrushbrewing.com

Odd Man Rush Brewing is a small neighborhood craft brewery located in Eagle River, Alaska, opened in September 2015. Our beers represent our interpretation of craft brewing. We brew both beers that are true to style as well as unique ales that showcase our creativity and passion for brewing.

Founding OMR
Odd Man Rush was founded by three local homebrewers who share a passion for brewing (and hockey). What started as a hobby has grown to a full-blown, official brewery after much encouragement and positive feedback on our craft. Opening the first brewery in town is our dream, but also a chance for us to invest in our community.

Our beer
In a sentence: we aren’t afraid to experiment. Our brews range from smooth yet hoppy IPAs to darker, robust porters and stouts. We enjoy trying out unusual seasonal beers as well. Some examples are a smoked oyster stout; a light, citrusy Gose; and a whiskey barrel aged imperial IPA.

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